Song to Song
You need to see this movie. Thursday I went and saw a Matinée of a film that was premiered at SXSW - the film and music festival held in Austin, Texas. It's one of those concept films that was totally a passion film. Every moment was filled with amazing cinematography, unique dialogue placement and having... Read More
Thursday Inspiration
I've been loving spending one day out of the week looking for the perfect quotes to post on this blog, today I explored the amazing Wrdsmith who goes around posting quotes all over big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris and etc. His or her's work is amazing and their identity is... Read More
Most Visited Cities in the World
Was quite curious about which cities in the world are most traveled too! As a traveler myself I love finding these things out, and I was lucky and found the top 20 cities that are visited in the world. I picked the top six but I will leave a link for you all to check... Read More
Emma Watson
This past weekend Beauty and the Beast had it's worldwide release. There has been so much buzz going around about this film and honestly I am so excited to see this amazing film. I have been a huge fan of Emma Watson since the beginning and she has done some terrific work with her career... Read More
My Favourite Island
I have traveled a lot, and one of my favourite places I have been is Cyprus a small island in the Mediterranean. I have family from there, not blood related but close family and they showed us this magical and beautiful island. It's filled with delicious flavours of fruit, seafood and meats. Think of Greek... Read More
Wednesday Inspiration
Making this a weekly post, where you will receive quotes from different people that will hopefully inspire you!     Wishing you all a beautiful day. Let me know how you felt while reading this, what you want to see more of and what next quote you'd like to see!   Like. Comment. Follow.  ... Read More
Top Five Hikes In LA
I am quite the avid hiker in LA, its been one of my favourite hobbies I got while living here. I wanted to give you a list of some of my ultimate favourite hikes! For those of you who plan on visiting or those who live here you should definitely take advantage of the sunny... Read More
I am quite the lover of traveling and definitely have that feeling of seeking the next adventure. There's a feeling that all travelers have when they come back home and when seeking for the financial support to find the next country to jump too. For those of you who have traveled heres an amazing article... Read More
Get Inspired (Video)
One of my favourite most influential youtubers Casey Neistat posted the most amazing video today. For those of you feeling as if you are caught in the rules of society, here is a video that will inspire you to break loose and create new rules.   Comment and let me know what you thought of... Read More
Chanel Chanel Chanel
First off I am the biggest, absolute biggest Chanel fan and have always been. Ask me anything about Chanel and I will tell you all you want. In all honesty Coco Chanel create an amazing look and stylistic movement in the Fashion world. Karl Lagerfeld who currently has been the designer of Chanel since 1983... Read More