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Chanel Chanel Chanel

First off I am the biggest, absolute biggest Chanel fan and have always been.

Ask me anything about Chanel and I will tell you all you want. In all honesty Coco Chanel create an amazing look and stylistic movement in the Fashion world. Karl Lagerfeld who currently has been the designer of Chanel since 1983 has done absolutely spectacular things with it.

Karl Lagerfeld holds the industry inside of his palm as he is one of the most influential designers know and he also is a designer for two other brands Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.

Here is the recent Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 show that was done in Paris four weeks ago and honestly it is absolutely stunning, every single time he doesn’t seem to fail in any way.
So please enjoy, as much as I do and if you want to discuss please leave a comment and we can further more discuss specific pieces. Also tell me some of your favourite pieces, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Natalie ~

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