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About Me


My name is Natalie Yatsina, I am a Canadian actress currently residing in Los Angeles.

Here is a little bio about me.

I was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa by two amazing Ukrainian parents. At the age of six my family moved to Saskatchewan, Canada only to have stayed for a few months and returned back to South Africa. After a year of decisions made by my parents we moved back to Canada. I grew up in a small town in northern Saskatchewan only to relocate to the ‘big’ city the summer before grade eight started. After graduation I wanted to pursue my love for arts and so I auditioned for American Academy of Dramatic Arts – Los Angeles Campus. I was accepted and the summer of 2012, I was making my way to the City of Angels. Currently I am at UCLA as a student of the Extension program while also studying at Howard Fine Acting School, my hopes are to start fully working as an actor soon.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for visiting my site.